Connecting game developers and music producers in one space

Jukebox is a revolutionary system developed to give Music Producers and Game Developers greater success in their own projects, whilst also helping each other succeed.

How does it do this?

If you are a Music Producer it opens up new intelligent vertical channels for music distribution - helping your music reach an audience of listeners that are hungry for good music, and who have been selected, based on their music taste, to be the most receptive to your style of music.

If you are a Game Developer it allows you to define a musical backdrop for your game that perfectly fits the vibe you are trying to create; whilst at the same time ensuring that the music your players hear is individually tailored to their own music preferences.

So how does it actually work?

Music Producers upload their content to the Jukebox system where both the audio itself, and the metadata provided with it, are analysed and catalogued by our proprietary Machine Learning algorithms.

For Game Developers there is a simple-to-use Game Engine plug-in (currently available for Unity, but extending to other game engines in the near future) that allows you to quickly and easily create a Jukebox music streaming source that can be treated like any other audio source within the game. Once this component is integrated you can create flexible and intelligent musical playlists that create just the right vibe within your game, whilst using our AI-based playlist generator to choose the right music both for your game, and for the person playing. For more information about how this works, please check out our Developer's Documentation web site here:

The Jukebox system is currently in pre-release trials. As such, we welcome Music Producers and Game Developers who are interested in getting involved in the journey at an early stage. Get in touch with us using the link below - we are looking forward to hearing from you!