Jukebox Privacy Policy

Please also see our Terms & Conditions for general Jukebox terms of use.

We will use cookies for the purpose of maintaining a user session, and also to allow us to optimize your user experience.

We may collect and store:

  • Information the user gives us;
  • Technically gathered information when the user uses our services;
  • Only when permitted by the user, personal information from third parties (such as Facebook, Spotify) such as listening history;
  • Publicly available information from third parties.

We will store personal data, audio and image assets provided by a user via pages and forms on the Jukebox site.

We will treat the following user-provided information as public-facing, and so may make it available (viewable or listenable) to other users of Jukebox:

  • The information a user provides in their Profile, including (not exhaustively) their: Name, Biography, Musical Influences;
  • Any images a user uploads, including: profile images, track artwork, playlist images etc;
  • Any audio data the user uploads.

Beyond the public-facing data mentioned above, we will not share user’s data with anyone else. Specifically we will not share:

  • Any contact details, including a user's email address, phone number or physical address (where provided);
  • Any usage data relating to how the user has interacted with the Jukebox system;
  • Any other Personally Identifiable Information.

We will make any provided audio assets available to other users, with the purpose of actively promoting these assets and getting them listened to.

We will also make metadata (track title, author, etc.) available to third parties (e.g.: game developers) so that they may include promotional information about the tracks in their games.

We will use user’s data to optimize our service and provide users with the most optimal content we can.

We may occasionally contact the user via email to send them information relating to the service we have provided (for example, usage statistics); notify them of changes to our service, or additional services that we can provide.

We reserve the right to change how we use data in the future; in which case we will send out a revised user agreement.

If, at any point, you wish to remove your account from the Jukebox service, you may do so by emailing info@jukeboxaudio.co. This process shall be automated in the future.

This Privacy Policy is a placeholder, and will be updated soon with a more formal wording. When this occurs we will contact you with the revised terms.